The international Software Architecture Qualification Board (iSAQB) defines curricula on several levels for software architects. You can find download links in the following sections.

The Foundation Level curriculum is currently maintained and published in both English (EN) and German (DE). Maintainers from the Foundation-Level-Working-Group and voluntary reviewers collaborate on Github to improve the curriculum.

A glossary of the terminology used in the iSAQB curricula can be found as a (freely available) ebook, published on Leanpub

Available Versions

Version 4.x (released 2017)

The previous main releases are version 4.1 (EN) and 4.2 (DE), both of which are only available upon request.

Versions 3 and prior

iSAQB does not maintain a repository of older versions. Upon request, we can provide previous versions, you may volunteer to update this repository accordingly. Thank you.